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yogaIt has been a dream of mine to combine yoga and acupuncture; combining these two ancient systems of dealing with the body, mind and spirit.

For those of you who already have a regular yoga practice, you know what it can do for you and all the ways it has enhanced your life. For those of you who have experienced acupuncture, you have felt the deep ways it has worked in your body. Put together, these two systems create very deep changes that cannot be accomplished by just one of them alone, creating deep shifts at your most fundamental levels.

I invite you to come to one of my upcoming workshops, and experience yoga and acupuncture for yourself!

Upcoming Workshops:

Sunday April 15, 2012

Ahnjel will be at Maha Yoga in Brentwood for:

   Shoulder Opening Workshop Yoga & Acupuncture Workshop

   it will make a difference to your shoulders if you have:
     * chronic shoulder tension
     * headaches due to tight shoulders
     * previous shoulder injuries
     * reduced range of motion  in your shoulders
     * if you spend a lot of time at a computer
     * if your shoulders are rounded forward

   This workshop will greatly reduce and change the tension you have in your
   shoulder joints and shoulder blades. We will be directly working in these
   areas to alter how they have become through your daily life/activities.

   Through the work done, you will gain the awareness, to change this pattern.

   An instant result will be felt in the range of motion of your arms and
   shoulders. You will immediately change any rounding of the shoulders.

   Every Yoga & Acupuncture workshop is an intensely spiritual experience. From
   this workshop you will become deeply serene, accomplishing a deep Zen state.

   My intention for this workshop is for each person to make a dramatic and
   instantly noticeable difference to their shoulders, arms, and level of
   tension they carry.

Maha Yoga in Brentwood
Sunday April 15   12:30-2:30   
13050 San Vicente Boulevard
Second Floor #202
Los Angeles, CA 90049

to reserve your space call 310 838-4024
or e-mail
$40.00 non-refundable deposit 

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