nutritional guidance


nutritionWhen you come to us for nutritional advice, we treat you on a one to one basis.  No two people are exactly alike therefore, one eating plan does not meet the nutritional needs for everyone.

Through the use of biophoton testing, discussion of goals and through an extensive library and computer database of nutritional facts, you can receive an eating and exercise plan that is suited to your individualized life style.

Obtain recipes that are modified to eliminate your allergy foods and enhanced with ingredients that promote your optimal health.  Customized recipes provide the nutritional facts you need to know for preparing balanced meals.

Learn hints for preparing food, eating out and attending parties.  Incorporate these healthy measures into your existing life style!


Nutritional Guidance in Los Angeles

Hello and welcome to Ali Optimal Wellness! Here you’ll find information about nutritional help for Los Angeles residents, as well as acupuncture, yoga sessions, and more. Ahnjel Ali, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., C.F.T. along with husband Majid Ali,  L.Ac., C.F.T., C.S.N. provide a fantastic array of wellness services designed to nourish the body as well as the mind so all who take advantage of their programs enjoy more energy, a calmer disposition, and overall radiant health.

Whether you’re in the market for a Santa Monica nutritionist or acupuncturist, require a yoga instructor near Marina Del Rey, or are otherwise looking for a wellness center that speaks to your needs, Ali Optimal Wellness has what you’re looking for. Both Ahnjel and Majid are board-certified acupuncturists specializing in health, fitness, and nutrition, with Ahnjel also focusing on herbs. Their continuing mission is to create meticulously-designed wellness programs that suit the individual needs of each client.

Services include acupuncture, exercise programs, nutritional guidance, Chinese herb formula creation, and o-ring testing. The latter is a type of muscle testing that allows the Los Angeles nutritional coaches to check for the bacteria, viruses, and inflammation resulting in various health issues.

Chinese herb formulas are created on a case-by-case basis using options from the center’s 300+ herbal pharmacy. No formula is ever pre-made, and all are customized to fit client needs.

In addition to taking advantage of the above services, see what the wellness center can do for you! Consultations are 45 minutes to an hour with follow-up appointment creation based on individual goals, overall health, and similar factors.

Give yourself the gift of acupuncture and herbal detox! Find the yoga session you love, or get the nutritional help you’ve been sorely missing. Whatever your health and fitness needs, you’ll enjoy the highly-customized program you require for success at Ali Optimal Wellness.

What are you waiting for??