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All of our Chinese Herbal formulas are custom made in our complete Chinese herbal pharmacy, using the highest quality extracts.  Custom herbal formulas can off-set allergies, boost a sluggish digestive system and increase energy.

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Oriental Herbalism is a system of herbal treatment. It is not applied in the way that most herbs and medicines are used in our Western world. For example, all medicines (including herbal medicines) under western schools of thought are used because they are known to produce certain effects. St. John's Wort and Prozac are used for depression because they are both known to counter depression in the human body.

Chinese herbal medicine developed as an integral part of the Chinese medical tradition. It is used to re-harmonize imbalances in the body as a whole, rather than simply to cure symptoms. For example, a cough would not be treated simply with a cough remedy. The cough is just a symptom. The practitioner would first determine the general imbalances in the body that produced the cough and then choose an appropriate group of herbs to treat the problem as a whole.

The Properties of Herbs

Herbs for Allergies

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